Summers light, Scented candles and Smokey eyes

Hello Summer! Well…almost here at Beau HQ though I know for many it has already begun.  The warmer weather in Yorkshire has been most welcomed and the life that it enables us to live is such a delight.  I love all seasons but I think I’m really mostly absolutely a summer girl…. What about you?

1.   First up on this weeks favourites is exactly that summer vibe; warmer and lighter nights!  This week my girl and I after a post-school shop in nearby Harrogate, decided to turn the car round on the way home and go back into the town for supper.  We both simply wanted to stay out longer in the evening warmth and had the most beautiful time just talking away like ‘big girls’.  We went to the newly opened Lucia’s which has lots of al fresco dining… Highly recommend!  Didn’t  get a photo from the frontage this time but there’s a post I wrote earlier on Facebook here.

As we left and walked back to our car through the town houses pictured here, we found ourselves amidst a reading festival and surrounded by people just…doing.. life… ahhh so romantically gorgeous.

Crime Reading Festival

We passed this handsome heifer on the way home too… perfection.

Highland Heifer in Yorkshire

2.   Next up True Grace candles.  Normally associated with colder nights and snuggling in, but after a friend gave me one of these for my birthday I just had to buy another fragrance because they are such a summery delight.  True Grace candles I have long been a fan of but never owned. Till now.  The fragrance (when they are not even lit) wafts under your nose when you least expect and are so gorgeously scented, I’d highly recommend as a gift.  We have Chamomile (which isn’t like the herbal tea, ie kinda nice but tame….) and the one I’ve just bought is Lemon Tree… Soooo amazing and very summer.  You can buy online from Noras (here)

True Grace Candle: Lemon Tree

3.   Thirdly, as temperatures rise, eye makeup that doesn’t budge!  I came across 24 Hour Colour Tattoo (by Maybelline) about a couple of months back and immediately bought in 4 shades… It is amazing and half the beauty is you don’t need to be too precise!  Darker all-over the eye shades often require you to be needing long enough to apply i.e. night out for Moms or twenty-something with lots of time to experiment with application! This… Not so.  It ‘blends out’ really well meaning you can kinda swoosh over your eyes and it looks good!

Maybelline Tattoo

It’s called 24 hour Tattoo because it’s extremely hard-wearing.  The shades I’ve swatched here are (left to right) ‘On and on Bronze’, ‘Metallic Pomegranate’ and ‘Permanent Taupe’ and will definitely be coming away with me this summer!
So, that’s what’s been loved this week, what’s on your radar?   Do share what you’ve been experimenting with, recommendations are the way to go!  I for one am oh so happy with the change of pace and routine the summer days bring.  Till then! Xx




Last weekend it was the village Gala.  Having hosted the Tour De France the week prior, this was always going to be seen by just a few thousand visitors less.  I couldn’t stay long and might have liked to have spent time getting some cute pics but as seems to be the way, it was a few hurried shots which I shared on Facebook (you can see all of them here).


It is amusing just how old-fashioned these things seem… so quaint and typically villagey… and why?? Guess it comes down to community – to celebrating life in all its weird and wonderfulness… flowers in wells, knobbly knees and all!

imageimageimageimageimageimage image imageimage

Walking home we passed these, so colourful and attracting all the bees!

image imageimage image

The next day going out for a long run, the countryside was so pretty.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the fields so green.  I passed by the Ilkley International Tennis Tournament, miniature orange trees and a cricket match.  Oh so very English!

By the River Sunlight through the trees ILTSC International Tennis Tournament Little visitorThe Old Bridge Orange! Wow Cricket?

1 Pair of Shoes, 2 ways to Dress, 3 Sunsets

Hey peeps, it’s another Sunday and this one definitely getting off to a more relaxed start than last week!  Last Sunday was Day 2 of the Tour De France so we were up and out to get a road-side spot for the occasion.  How many of you saw it?  Do click (here) if you want to see how amazingly vibrant our town looked.  Ok, on with what we’ve been lovin’ this week…

1.  One Pair of Birkenstocks.  Now I didn’t do these when they were ‘in’ before because… well I have a thing about ‘in’ things… if they’re ‘in’ I don’t do them because every Tom, Dick and Jayne is; so we all look the same…?!  That said I did decide to break my own conviction, got some last month and have loved wearing because they are just so darned comfy and geeky and go with almost everything – do we need another reason?    Got mine from Amazon at just over £30 and would definitely recommend a pair for the summer months.

2.  Two ways to wear this stripy Maxi Dress!  My fav local clothing boutique (yes ATTIC) has been having a SALE so I got in touch to see if this dress was in the sale, (which it was) so I had to get.  Have wanted a maxi for a while so that then it’s warm (when… yes we do see the sun occasionally in Yorkshire!) and you want to have some skin out but not the legs – we can do the strapless thing.  It is uber comfy and can be worn as a full maxi – or the top rolled over itself to create a shorter dress (which is less requiring of stomach needing to be sucked in). It can also then be worn as a skirt which I’ve not done yet.  All that to say if you’re out and about and see this kind of style/multi ways to wear thing, it’s a very versatile piece.

The Facebook and Instagram post ⇓

Positively Nautical

3.  Lastly, Three AMAZING Sunsets!  The skies of recent have just blown me away and been so incredibly beautiful.  The darkest one, in fact all, have zero filters/primping, so what you see is what it was (except it was more beautiful).  Anyone following my posts for a while now will know how much I love my outdoors… utter soul food.  Some nights I’ve been working away at my desk then realised a sunset was happening so I jump up and into the window to try capture.  Such a sense of connectedness to the bigger picture and almost a spiritual grounding… (is it just me?).

Anyway, have a great week – school’s nearly out so we are happy to be in the last days here… what about you?



Your Home: How Attracted are You?

Last weekend after a rather busy one (the Tour De France came to town!) I crashed on the sofa with my daughter which inspired this post on Instagram:
HOME with P.

At the end of the day, #HOME is a place you achieve from within first… Hence ‘where the heart is’! It’s being able to put your feet up, to rest completely with those you love. And when the crowds dispersed, that’s exactly what we did. What a weekend! #TDF #tourdefrance #tourdeyorkshire #lifestyle #blogger from the heart of #Yorkshire, our home.

It got me thinking… although a sense of HOME does begin inside, it really can make the difference to our general wellbeing if we are deliberate about our environment and take the time to make it delightful to the senses.
How many of you spend a reasonable amount of your time at home?  Does it inspire you, relax you?  Is it a place you enjoy spending time…. Or is it purely the place you crash at the end of the day that you never really give much thought to?
I LOVE my home. It is not my dream home, nor all I would choose were I given a blank piece of paper (and cheque to go with), but it is our space and I LOVE spending time here.  Apart from being a great space, it’s the collected details that make me smile so I thought I’d share with you today, to maybe inspire you to start collecting your enjoyables if you simply don’t know where to start.
There is no right or wrong – it’s YOUR home!  Furnish it how you like.  Don’t wait for the ‘Pinterest picture’ to be perfect if you have one.  Just begin with what YOU love and make that space of yours YOURS!
Perfume Bottles: Couldn't throw these empties! Gifted Silver Wing Palte Collection of Special CardsPeony Pleasure Happy NotesCrown Pair of WingsCandelabraTrue Grace CandleFlowers in a Jam Jar Bedside CollectionGisella Graham Sweetie Tree Grandmothers Tiny Swiss PlateAmpersandBrilliant!Anthropologie and MeStar Blankie and Rocking ChairSpecial to a girl I know.HOME Office Candle holders Fuchsias Newgate Timing

Tour De Yorkshire: why Addingham has done itself proud

Powerwalking though Addingham the other day in the sunshine I marvelled at the creativity the locals have put into making the town so special for the Tour De France, which whizzes through not once, but twice in two days time.  I knew then I wanted to mark the occasion with a post of some kind, but what…?  Coloured bikes amongst plants is hardly sexy or appealing to anyone who doesn’t give a rip about either.  This kind of event… the kind people go ‘nuts’ about… I’m normally the person who doesn’t… but this… it’s got a real momentum and though I care not for the bikes, the local spirit of ‘we will do this excellently’ IS what grabs my attention. I LOVE it!!

The Bunting!

This week was already stretched and any time taking photos was going to be with my daughter in tow possibly searching for any number of the 23 bikes hidden in the town for a local competition.  I captured what I could (most of them on a grey day too just like it!).  Uploading these I settled for a post simply showcasing one ‘very Yorkshire’ towns’ effort for one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

The Addingham Garden Friends, in particular, have done themselves proud (I didn’t know they existed till this week!), not to mention the local businesses.  So here, on the penultimate eve of The Tour De France, Grand Depart 2014, are a few little moments from a beautifully quaint town near Ilkley, called Addingham.  Enjoy!

P1040183 The Primary School Bunting Little Back Street Eye SpyCutest Knitted Bunting One of the 23 hidden bikes Town House No Bike is Immune!Ducks CrossingSweet PeasThe Olive Branch Tea-Towel Bunting!PYO bike and veg plot! Succulents P1040321An English RoseLuxury CottagesOur Cow Bells from The Fleece

So many Spotty Bikes!

Quite a spectacle don’t you think?!  Interesting to see how we all celebrate things in different ways; all wonderfully unique!  Here’s to a great Tour De Yorkshire!  Has your town hosted the Tour De France?  What kind of crazy went on there?


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